Virtual Clinic: Mental Training Skills for Climbing

Want to learn some mental climbing skills while you’re stuck at home? Join AZWCC Tucson on July 23rd at 6:00 for a virtual clinic! This clinic will explore fundamental mental training skills that you can apply to your climbing and all athletic pursuits. Learn how to manage fear, frustration, and anxiety, how to make appropriate risk decisions, and how to take action towards your inspiring goals. The clinic will include interactive drills, take-home exercises, and a Q&A session at the end.

This clinic will be lead by Laur Sabourin, the Head Trainer at The Warrior’s Way, a mental training organization that works with climbers and other high performers to show up as their best selves in life’s challenges. Laur is a climbing guide, route setter, and trainer based in Flagstaff, Arizona. They love working with climbers of all abilities to dive deeper into their experience and develop a lifelong love of the sport. As the Head Trainer for The Warrior’s Way, Laur develops and teaches mental training curriculum for recreational and elite athletes. They believe that a love-based approach to climbing creates space for playing with new challenges and enjoying the learning process. Laur loves all types of climbing, but they are most drawn to steep desert cracks and long, aesthetic walls.

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